Brelko Conveyor Products, LTD is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of an exclusive range of products for the bulk materials handling industry. Brelko products assist in the control of spillage, carry back and dust control while promoting trouble free flow of material at belt conveyor transfer and load points.

Belt Scrapers & Accessories, Chute Sealing Systems, Belt Support Systems,
Blockage Removal & Bulk Flow Maintenance Systems

When Dorris implemented the shaft mount gear drive in virtually every suitable industry over 60 years ago, Dorris products became the industry standard, a tradition that continues today. Companies from the largest mills to the smallest manufacturers rely on Dorris to satisfy their gear drive needs. Dorris Gear Drives is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Supreme Gear based in Fraser, MI offering screw conveyor drives, shaft mount and parallel shaft gearboxes proudly designed and built in the United States since 1946.

TR Shaft Mount Drives, TL Screw Conveyor Drives, TD Drive Series, 
Base Mount Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers 

Force Control Industries, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of oil shear clutch and brake systems for industrial applications. They are dedicated to producing products designed to reduce overall production cost by providing high quality, well designed products manufactured to exacting standards and furnished in a timely manner with excellent customer support.

X-Class Brakes, Posidyne Clutches & Clutch Brakes, Posistop Oil Shear Brakes, MagnaShear Electric Release Brakes, Positorque Brakes, Two Speed Drives, Electronic Position Controls, Posidrive Servo Drives, E-Stop Brakes, Automotive Products

​Precismeca Limited is a world-wide supplier of conveyor components with manufacturing facilities on 3 continents. Precismeca supplies replacement standard and custom designed conveyor idlers, motorized pulleys and structure to numerous customers and projects all over the world.

CEMA “C” thru “F” Idlers and Rolls, Pulleys, Thermoplastic “TOP” Rolls, Impact Systems, Conveyor Structure

Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys were first produced in 1953 to offer conveyor belt operators and designers a compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor belt drive. The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley is quick and simple to install and requires almost no maintenance. This conveyor belt drive resists the effects of abrasive dust, water, oil, grease, and many other harmful substances.                                                         

Motorized Pulleys Through 330 HP

Since 1927, Sterling Electric, Inc. has devoted itself to the implementation, design and manufacture of motorized drives to more effectively power the equipment of American industry.  Sterling Electric is focused on providing high efficiency motorized drives to meet the demanding requirements of today's customers across the globe.

AC Motors (Cast Iron, Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel), Right Angle Gearing (Cast Iron, Stainless Steel), In-Line Gearing (Cast Iron, Stainless Steel), DC Permanent Magnet Motors, Variable Frequency Motor Controls, Gearmotors, Brakemotors, 
Mechanical Adjustable Variable Speed Drives

Transfluid Industrial Transmissions offers a range of products that are used on all types of industrial equipment driven by internal combustion engines and electric motors. They improve overall performance and protect both driving and driven machines. The benefits of using a Transfluid Product are many; no-load starts, smooth and gradual acceleration, no transmission wear, frequent stop and start capability, multi-motor load balancing and shear pin jam protection.

Fluid Couplings, Variable Fill and Drain Couplings, Hydraulic Actuated Dry Clutches, RBD Couplings, Var-Spe

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